Mobile Scheduler JavaScript UI widget for web developers

Create a pure JavaScript Mobile Scheduler for your enterprise web app in a few lines of code.

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1. Touch-oriented design

Enjoy the interactive UI on mobile devices and small screens.

2. Single and multiple day events

Add one-day, long-lasting or recurring events to your schedule.

3. Localization

Adjust dates and text labels to follow the rules of particular countries.

4. Flexible UI customization

Customize toolbar buttons and event tabs, tune the look and feel of separate events.

5. View modes

Browse your schedule in day, week, month and year views.

Why use JS Mobile Scheduler?

Backend integration

Clear Integration with Backend Platforms, such as PHP, Node.js and .NET.

Web accessibility

Follows Section 508 and WAI-ARIA standards and supports keyboard navigation.

Frontend integration

Can be integrated with jQuery, AngularJS, Vue.js, React and third party libraries.

Cross platform and browser support

Cross-browser Support (IE8+) and Quick CSS Styling of your JavaScript Mobile Scheduler.

Advanced Scheduler features for your JavaScript web apps


Add repeating events to your schedule to stay informed.


Add and modify events in your Mobile Scheduler with ease.


Add colorful markers to emphasize the most important events.


Format dates to match the rules associated with your home country.


Translate all the text labels in your Mobile Scheduler to your native language.

JavaScript Mobile Scheduler live demo

Need a full-featured JavaScript Scheduler?

If you are looking for a Google-like JS event calendar for desktop and tablet apps, you can have a look at the feature-rich dhtmlx JavaScript Scheduler, which is fully compatible with Webix UI.

Need a full-featured JavaScript Scheduler?