Pivot Table JavaScript UI widget for web developers

Create a pure JavaScript Pivot Table component to your enterprise web app with a few lines of code.

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1. Data aggregation

Extract significant information from huge data sets. Organize, summarize and compare complex data with ease.

2. Data export

Export data to various formats: PDF, PNG, Excel and CSV.

3. Flexible UI customization

Customize datatable settings, tune the configuration window and adjust filters.

4. Custom operations

Create your own functions for data aggregation.

5. Localization

Adjust dates, numbers, monetary units and text labels associated with particular countries.

6. Three modes of viewing aggregated data

Viewing data in the form of Table, Tree, Chat.

Webix JS Pivot Table (Grid) advantages

No back-end is needed

Webix Pivot allows to make all calculations in the browser. Users can create any reports without programming.

Remote data processing option

It is possible to configure Pivot Table in such a way that its data are processed by a custom server-side script.

Highly optimized pure JavaScript

Fast calculations and responsive interface even while working with huge data volumes.

Pivot charts

Extended Pivot options to create summary reports with charts.

Easy back-end and front-end integration

Straightforward integration with various back-ends (PHP, Node.js and .NET) and front-ends (jQuery, AngularJS, Vue.js, React and many third party libraries).


All elements can be adjusted through API, without need to edit anything in source codes (which are provided by the way).

Advanced Pivot features for your JavaScript web apps


Easily search for the necessary data with the help of visual tools


Track changes in parameters by sorting in ascending and descending order


Highlight important information in different colors, highlight the maximum and minimum values in rows and columns


Summarize the indicators in the rows and columns of the reports


Change the order of rows and columns of the Pivot Table by dragging elements of the configuration window, adding custom configurations


Create and apply structures to change the representation of data in one click


The ability to conveniently configure the report

JavaScript Pivot Table live demo