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Why Webix is the best front-end framework for IT startups

Time-saving practice

Webix JS framework allows saving about 30% of the time spent on UI front-end development.

Web accessibility

Webix meets WAI-ARIA standards and complies with the principles of web accessibility.

Five responsive design skins

As a startup partnership member, you can get access to the full package Webix Pro that includes 5 design skins. This package is especially useful at the proof-of-concept stage as it allows minimizing the development budget and risks for your business web solution.

Extensive documentation and lots of code examples

The documentation section is developed on the basis of Webix educational program and users' feedback. Thus, it's not just a manual, but also a detailed and illustrative JavaScript programming guide.

Microframework for single-page application development

Webix Jet allows creating SPA solutions based on Webix Library.

Time-proven UI framework

For more than 8 years big IT companies and many individual developers have been using Webix UI library to build business web applications of all kinds.

How Webix can support your startup

Webix Pro tools

From the very first day of web development, you can use all Webix Pro tools without any restrictions and free of charge. Please check the comparison of Webix PRO and Webix Standard.

Flexible trial period

You have an opportunity to extend a trial period up to 6 month . The duration of the extension period depends on an individual agreement and terms.

Marketing support

We provide marketing and promotional support. We publish the information about startups in our blog and social media. You can share news, case studies, and updates with our assistance.

What Webix expects you to do in return

  • Mentioning of Webix products on your website.
  • Social media posts about the use of Webix framework and library components.
  • Public references and testimonials.
  • Objective feedback on Webix products.
  • Sharing and publication of case studies.